Update: Tenet hasn’t saved American cinemagoing

As I previously reported, a huge amount of nervous expectation was heaped onto the release of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, as a sort of litmus test for the future of theatrical exhibition.

In a follow-up opinion piece in The Atlantic, the conclusion is … No, Tenet has not saved cinemagoing. Worse: as it was the best chance in months for a return to normality, its failure has made every future release that much more risky.

In the United States, the film has grossed less than $30 million since August 31 – a number so low that it’s scaring other major movies off the release schedule. Now the question isn’t whether theaters can return to normalcy, but whether they can survive this pandemic at all.

David Sims writing in The Atlantic, “Hollywood’s Tenet Experiment Failed”

The numbers are looking slightly better outside the US, but the situation is still pretty dire.

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