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New YouTube channel for OFU!

When we started uploading old OFU films onto the Internet, we genuinely thought that YouTube would be a “flash in the pan” and that it would be cleverer to host our own. We were quite wrong. At long last, then, OFU finally gets its own YouTube channel. It will take a while to migrate the […]

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You wait years for a filmsoc, and then two come along at once

This post is obsolete. Despite The Shadowrooms apparently having state-of-the-art digital projection, 3D films and a nice comfortable theatre (these kids today, they don’t know they’re born) – USSU is apparently running a second film society called Front Row. As is now de rigueur, there’s next to no information on USSU’s website but it’s all […]

Alumni Links Memories OFU’s home since 1999

The domain name that points to this blog ( has been in use by OFU on and off since 1999. It originally pointed to the actual OFU website [now archived here]. Following the demise of SSC it lapsed briefly, until 2005, when we re-acquired it to point to this blog. (2005 also saw an unexpected […]

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OFU is now on Facebook

Oscar Film Unit now has its very own alumni group on Facebook, courtesy of Andy Ga. It’s closed membership at the moment, so send Andy a message or poke him until he lets you join. Includes photos, the odd video (when we get around to uploading them), and of course intellgent witty banter about splicing […]

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Saved for the nation

Long ago, in November 2005, in fact, we reported that the University / Union had begun disposing of OFU’s assets. One of the last of OFU’s Old Guard, Scoot, told us that the Fumeo projector and rewind table had gone. More disturbingly, the cupboard containing OFU’s 16mm, 8mm and VHS archive had also ominously disappeared. […]

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For old times’ sake

This post is obsolete. LINKS REMOVED. There is still plenty of Oscar Film Unit documentation and information on the Web. Here are a few places you might like to look, for old times’ sake: The entire original OFU website – now 95% broken-link free! USSU’s Surrey Student Cinema document [PDF] (warning: strong stomach required, provokes […]

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The lion roars again

Hello, and welcome to the start of a new site for ex-OFUers who yearn for those days of muffled sound, uncomfortable seats, and splicing errors. Very soon we’ll be putting some Christmas meal photos, FAQs and reminisces up here, so do come back and take another look. And maybe we’ll even stick up some old […]