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For old times’ sake

This post is obsolete. LINKS REMOVED.

There is still plenty of Oscar Film Unit documentation and information on the Web. Here are a few places you might like to look, for old times’ sake:

    • The entire original OFU website – now 95% broken-link free!
    • USSU’s Surrey Student Cinema document [PDF] (warning: strong stomach required, provokes righteous outrage), the 35mm document [PDF] that sparked it and the original Film Society Guide [PDF] on which it was based.
    • Barefacts articles The Lion’s Final Roar and I Can’t Talk, I’m In The Library (the latter detailing the shooting of Jaws In The Library).
  • A set of OFU and more general UniS-related Barefacts articles by alumni of the 1950s to 1970s, published in 2001/2 – hosted by UoSSnaps.

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