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More OFU films now available on YouTube

Just uploaded: three “new” OFU films from the archives. If you liked seeing the early shots of Stag Hill in the Rag ’69 and Under Construction films, why not take a look at Peter The Cow, in which a panto cow tours campus? Then, head over to our most mysterious film, Kidnap!, a short thriller.

Finally, for a more modern look at student life, check out our coverage of River Sports Day 2000.

2 replies on “More OFU films now available on YouTube”

Hi David & Andy,
If you see this please drop me a line.
I'm the guy who helped make the Manor House Beer Fest film in June 1979, and possibly some others you might have come across from the OFU archives, so I'd be VERY interested in knowing what you have.
Ian Stewart
Elec Eng 1977-81

Hi Ian,
Yes and no – we don't have access to the main archive body any more, but as far back as 2005 we did convert a bunch of films to video and released a DVD. Most of those films have now made it onto YouTube.
If you're interested, you can email me at the address in that post and I'll do my best to send you a DVD – it might take a while depending on whether I can get the hardware working again. But do be aware that the picture quality will not be great – it was the best we could do at the time, but it is by no means archival quality.

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